Professional Representative

Are you having difficulty presenting the 2Konnect Concept to your warm market?

Let our Professional Call Center Representatives go to work for you in helping with 3-Way Calls.

2Konnect Specialist

Utilize our Call Center to help you:

  1. Overcome Call Reluctance

  2. Do 3-way calling with prospects that need more information

  3. Coach you on 2Konnect

Introductory Support

The most effective use of your time is to do 3-Way Calls with a Professional Call Center Representative

  1. Answer your Prospective Member’s Questions

  2. Explain 2Konnect

  3. Help you Enroll the Prospective Member in 2Konnect


Contact our Professional Representatives to schedule a time to see how they can help you. Access to the call center varies depending on your paid Membership Level.

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