David Griffiths

CEO, Director

From time to time, something comes along that completely changes the face of business. If you could have been there from the very beginning with companies such as Apple, Google, Southwest Airlines or Microsoft, I’m sure your life would be considerably different!

Well that opportunity is here! 2Konnect is that phenomenal life changing experience you've been looking for!

We are changing the way the MLM industry builds downlines. We are NOT an MLM company and therefore can use additional tools to help build the entire community downline. Using these tools, we have the capabilities of building a forced community matrix that everyone will benefit from. We’ve also developed an infrastructure for building your community downline, external of any MLM company.

As a community member, you will become a member of the fastest growing network of business minded people, all striving to build a secondary or fulltime income.


For years distributors have joined MLM companies, in the pursuit of a better life, either by the enticement of a new compensation plan or the intrigue of a newly developed product. They have worked very hard and have invested a lot of time and money trying to build a business capable of sustaining their way of life. Each has used the time old business building practice, by joining an MLM company first and then trying to build a downline. Many have tried and many have failed.


2Konnect reverses this two-step practice for building your business by providing tools, support and a one-of-kind marketing machine. We help you build your downline FIRST and then help introduce your community downline into many MLM companies, which are the most exciting and lucrative companies in our industry!

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By joining the 2Konnect Community today, your position will be secured. There is no better time and no better place than right here – right now, to become involved with a one-of-a-kind team building community. Remember, when you help your TEAM grow, they will follow you into the MLM Opportunities and Affiliate Programs.